Mobility in Turkey


We spent 6 days in Turkey in Ankara. Our journey started at 29.4.2018. from Beli Manastir to Budapest and after that to Turkey. We were located in Baskent Ogrentmenevi hotel.

  1. Day we started with school ceremony. After that, we met the headmaster and teachers in school. They presented us Turkey’s school system. We had lunch together and project meeting.
  2. Day we visited tourist place called Baipazari. We could see the traditional way of life in Turkey, food, shops, heritage… It was very nice day for all of us.
  3. Day we visited Antikabir, Castle of Ankara and the museum. We had an expert guide who presented lots of interesting information about Turkey’s history. Evening we spent together in the hotel.
  4. Day we went in ethno village. We could see the traditional way of making decoration and useful items. After that, we had lunch together and practice English language.
  5. Day group visited the aquarium and some shopping mall in Ankara.
  6. Day was the last day and all of us went to the airport.


We had wonderful time in Ankara, learned so interesting things about Turkey’s history and spent quality time with each other.

Adriana Traic Horvat