Mobility in Spain


                                                               SPAIN 2018


TYPE OF MEETING: LTA IN SPAIN, 25 February- 2 March, 2018

Our journey started on 25 February 2018 at 9:30 in front of the school. Teacher Božana Mijatov, psychologist Iva Jeger Miser and pedagogue Adriana Traic Horvat went as our staff representatives accompanied by students:  Ozren Malinić (7 c), Nikolina Novak (7 c), Gabrijela Petric (7 b) and Lea Žganec (8 b). We travelled by two cars to Budapest’s airport. The plane took off at 17:35 and landed  at 20:00 to Madrid. Our Spanish hosts took us by bus to Guadalajara where we met the hosting families for each student. Our school staff stayed in a hotel.

Here is a list of our daily activities:


We took the bus and went to school in Pioz in the morning. The students went to classes, and the teachers visited the school and the kindergarten. Together with the students and teachers of all countries, we visited the mayor’s office, parish church (where we all learned a Spanish song) and the famous castle in Pioz. After that, teachers had lessons with Spanish students. We have introduced our country, region and city, school and all the sights of our region-Baranja. At the end of the lesson we taught the Spanish students Croatian version of the famous international song “If you’re happy” and we treated the Spanish students with Croatian sweets.  After the lesson, we all had lunch after which the students went to their hosting families and the teachers visited Guadalajara. The teachers visited the arts school, high school, cathedral and county building. The pupils visited the Europe Park and spent the afternoons with their hosting families.


We visited Madrid. The most interesting was the visit to the Royal Palace. The rest of the sights we mostly saw from our bus windows due to the rainy weather. We managed to take a few photos of the famous Real Madrid football stadium.


We spent the third day at the school in Pioz. All countries were divided into 3 groups where they had to show their traditional games, sports and dance and learn how to play drums. We played volleyball with big balls, learned different Italian and Spanish games and enjoyed creating interesting melodies while playing drums. Some of the teachers went to visit the Prado Museum while the others spent their evening enjoying the delicious tapas. The students had an organized gathering at the Cultural Centre of the town Pioz.


The teachers and students went on a tour of Guadalajara in the morning and we visited the beautiful old town of Siguenza. We saw lots of famous sights: the old market, the cathedral, the museum and the castle. After lunch we arrived at Castillo del Toro Castle where we visited a modern museum. The teachers had a farewell dinner with the hosts in the Guadalajara restaurant and the students went to their hosting families.


The last day we were writing reports of everything we saw for the project newspaper. A part of the teachers had a working meeting where they had a discussion and planned the following project activities. At the end there was a farewell ceremony prepared by the Spanish hosts where they awarded certificates and gifts. As this was the last day, we were said goodbye to our new friends form all project countries and Spanish hosts. The farewell was very emotional and some of us even shed a tear. We arrived at the airport at 16:30. Due to bad weather our flight was delayed so we landed in Budapest at 2 am and arrived home at 6:30. We were exhausted, but happy and fulfilled after ending our journey.

Participating in this journey was a great honour for us as it was the first time ever that our students have participated in an international project meeting abroad. They presented our school very successfully and they were praised  by other participating students and teachers as being very communicative-that made us extremely proud.

Until the next trip,

The Merry Erasmus Fellowship!

Adriana Traic Horvat