Mobility in Italy

At 11th of November 2018. teachers and students of our school traveled to Italy in Palermo as part of the Erasmus + project “Eurosymbols towards 2020”.

The representatives of our school were: Anja Brnjevarac 8.b, Leona Kocet 7.b, Lada Zvečevac 7.b and Franciska Šarić 7.b and teachers: Ana Rabbi, Nenad Marković Iva Jeger Miser and Adriana Traic Horvat. Together with the Hungarians, the Romans, the Spaniards, the Turks, the Poles and the Italians, we stayed in Palermo for 5 days.

For some, it was also the first flight by plane.

We had the opportunity to see theirs school and educational system.  The students participated in many sports and creative workshops.

During their stay the students were accommodated in the families of Italian students.

Everyday we could admire the cultural beauties and the sights of Palermo and Sicily at all. We tried a lot of tasty, traditional dishes and sweets. In addition to Palermo, we visited the cities of Monreale and Chefalu, and we had a chance to “try” their sea. We also visited the Royal Palace and the parliament building. The most important of all was the improvement of the English language through which we communicated with other countries. The Sicilians have been an exceptional host and have made wonderful friends for a lifetime.

We do not even have to mention how hard it was to say goodbye to new friends and their families.

We are already looking forward to a reunion in Croatia in April when we will have the chance to be hosts.

Adriana Traic Horvat