Mobility in Hungary


The project meeting was in Hungary in Tarcal from 3.3. until 9.3.2019. We spent 5 days walking around Tokaj region and its sights. From our school, the meeting was attended by the director Damir Mendler, the pedagogue Adriana Traic Horvat and the math teacher Ana Rabbi.

The first day we spent at school where we were attending the classroom and the school museum.

Then we visited the cultural center where we attended a festive welcome event. We met with the mayor who told us something more about the history of the place. Together with the hosts we had lunch in the school canteen and tried traditional dishes.

At the end of the day we visited the statue of Jesus above the place.

During the second day, we visited the town of Tokay. We also spent part of the day in high school where they showed us how to work in their labs.

Also, we had the opportunity to attend English language classes for advanced students.

We had an evening in the wine seller where we met the ways and tradition of wine production in Tokay.

the third day we had short visit to the little chapel in Tarcal, and then we visit Eger.

In Eger we visited the castle with a professional guide. After that, we had dinner all together in a restaurant.


We spent Thursday visiting  the kindergarten in Tarcal, and then at school we had a presentation of the Hungarian school system. In the afternoon, we  visited the castle in Sarospotok. The eveneing we spent all together in the dinner and ceremony. we had the opportunity to see the traditional and modern dances prepared by the students. At the end of evening, we had certificates for this meeting.


The last day we visited Debrecen and Deri Museum. After the lunch, we went to the spa. During the dinner  we said goodby to each other.

The next meeting is in Croatia. We look forward to meet again!

Adriana Traic Horvat